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Most of my Short Circuit art was done in school, doodles on notebooks and in my sketch pad. I didn't have much time to draw Number Five in art class because we were doing a lot of boring fundamental stuff as projects in my freshman year. So most of my drawings were done in my free time, and much of the work was done on the Short Circuit graphic novel. There are a lot of other drawings besides, but I just chose a few of the best ones.
Short Circuit Drawings

my music theory notebook
Johnny Five was on all my notebooks and folders. This is one of my favorites of the notebook art - Five on my music theory book.
a rose
One of my favorite characteristics of Johnny Five was his fascination with simple things, flowers, butterflies, clouds.

Nova stripes
This is merely aesthetic, based on those black and yellow stripes that the robots followed at the Nova lab. I drew it quickly and just wanted to do the black and yellow thing.
Five and the cop
Another stripey thing. I also liked to do the scarf thing. Outside the aesthetic and the intention to put a quizzical look on Johnny's face this picture has no other meaning.
Hello Bozos.

Today Crosby, TODAY!

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