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I've got lots of scraps of paper with Johnny Five on them. Here are just a few from my collection. I tried to group them into coherent categories. I collected them religiously for about four years and kept them all in this one folder, hoping that one day I might make some amazing Short Circuit collage out of them, but alas they are yet scraps.

Newspaper ads

These are original bits of newspaper. I don't have the big nice ads from the first film becasue by the time I saw it and wanted to collect clippings it was in its third week of release and all the big pretty ads were gone. But I got a lot of Short Circuit 2 ads! I still think their choice of artowrk for that movie was weird.
Clips from HBO guides

These are all pieces of HBO guides. Every time either film ran on HBO I cut out the pictures and the description. As you can see, Short Circuit made the cover in May 1987, it also got a full page on the inside. In fact it's first air on HBO was a year to the day after it came out at the movies... May 9.
Fashion shot from Cosmo

Here's a true rarity. This is a shot from some weird fashion section in a summer 1986 issue of Cosmopolitan. Newton and Stephanie look uncharacteristically polished and preened. Ally Sheedy is even wearing the trendy 80's bracelet look, and they both have that 80's hair. Number Five looks... well... like Number Five ever did. My mom found this at the hairdresser's one day and ripped the page out for me.
The Ally Sheedy pinup

This is the Ally Sheedy pinup page from the first issue of Teen Beat magazine. (I think Michael J. Fox is on the reverse side.) There was some really silly article about her in it, and I had to have it becasue Number Five's hand is in the picture.

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