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V. Smith and Five
My two versions of Johnny Five were made out of Legos and Corduroy. I liked them so much that I also drew pictures of them pretty often... especially Corduroy Johnny. He seemed to work well as a sort of simplified cartoon version of Johnny Five. He also made a neat puppet. Lego Johnny also made a few appearances in my artowrk, as above in this prospecitve logo for a sort of fictional graphics company that I hoped to have one day.

card 1991
This is my Christmas card from 1991.
card 2000
And this is my Christmas card from 2000.

my doodle of the two Johnny's
This was always one of my mom's favorites. It's just a doodle I did one day - I can't remember when.
cartoon Johnny Five
This was from an idea of what it might be like for the real Johnny to interact with a cartoon version of himself. In real life Corduroy Johnny would not have been too easy to animate, so I made up this more agile and mobile cartoon version of him.

robot daydreams
Due to his soft and cuddly nature, Corduroy Johnny always seemed to me to have a sleepiness about him that made him a sort of relaxed daydreamer type. I always pictured him lying in the grass somewhere in Montana without a care in the world.
Light bulb!
And since Corduroy Johnny is younger and less worldly, his real-life counterpert has to teach him the ropes. There is also a colored version of the original drawing of this owned by Tim Blaney. I drew it for him in 1990.
abstract Johnny
I drew this off-the-wall rendition of Corduroy Johnny for my second drawing class in my freshman year of college. Pretty weird, huh?
Legor Johnnys
This is my Lego Johnny along with the bigger more detailed version built by my cousin. During the summers these two robots were virtually inseperable.
Genius at Work

Virginia Smith

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