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This is something I ended up with over ten years ago on a visit to L.A. It is a giant photocopy of the Syd Mead design for Number Five. This was blown up to life size and hung in the workshop where they bult Numebr Five in 1985. It was used to measure for parts and used as a reference during the construction. It was so huge they had to copy it in two pieces! It has holes in it and coffee stains and is generally worn out now. Somehow I got it from a guy who worked for Eric around the time they were planning on making Short Circtui 3.. I have hung it in a couple of dorm rooms that I lived in and it took up an entire wall from floor to ceiling. Now it's in a tube in my closet.

The two smaller pictures above are fromone of Mike's magazines about the making of Number Five, and the big one on ethe right is mine as it my picture of the giant photocopy as it appears today, a lot more used! Weird to think this thing was used to help build Number Five.


Astoria, Oregon, USA - The Town where Number Five began his life.

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