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Yeah, I went back again in 1992. I met a friend at the Denver airport and we flew to L.A. together, just for the heck of it. This trip was a little less eventful as far as meeting new people, but I did get to have lunch with Tim Blaney again and I got to play with Johnny's eyelids. He seemed pretty OK with it. I think on this trip I also had to give him a new bandana. The other one was worn out I think. You know how tough robots can be on bandanas.

I also got a couple of really good photos of Johnny Five. He was a little shorter this time. And his arms had been wired in place so he held a more typical Johnny Five-like posture. It seems that when he is turned off everything freezes in palce but his arms. They tend to just want to straighten out and hang there. The eyelids are cool 'cause those little Futaba servos will stay wherever you put them and they don't seem to mind being moved around even when they are shut off.

And I got my picture taken with Five again. I was even taller than he was in this picture. And I am wearing the INPUT INC. shirt that I made in high school art class the year before. I think Eric was out of town during my visit, but we hung around with his assistant Doug a lot and went to Showbiz Expo and saw all the big BIG film equipment and got lots of free brochures and convention souvenirs.

I guess the most unexpected thing that happened was that Sinbad and his kids were behind us in line at Tower Video one night. (I was buying an Edward Scissorhands laser disc.) My traveling buddy - also named Doug - who was with me at the time, was an aspiring comedian, so he was pretty stoked. A few days later when the two Dougs and I were at Showbiz Expo, we ran into Sinbad again. I think he thought we were following him!

Also on this trip I went to Astoria again. Doug and I wanted to find all the movie landmarks in the town. So we found the big rocks on the beach south of town and the house where they made The Goonies, as well as the school where they filmed Kindergarten Cop.

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