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If you have looked at the graphic novel I made of the movie you will know already that I was heavily influenced by Bloom County. It is evident here in this color picture that I had on the door of my first college dorm room. I made it when I should have been doing boring art homework.

And here are a few of my cartoon characters hangin' out with Number Five. You will see here Rufus the rat, Arthur C. Cat, Dave the roach, Pi Thon the snake, and Ben the Robot Ninja, a tribute to both Number Five and his friend Ben! This thing was published in the high school literary magazine in 1988 just before the release of Short Circuit 2. You can see my tribute to this upcoming event on Five's scarf.
Hangin' out

SAINT prototype
I was once a football fan, and since I lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast it had to be the New Orleans Saints. It was too perfect an opportunity to pass up. I HAD to draw this cartoon! If only Five could have played for the Saints!

As a kid I was real given to logos and slogans and any form of outward self expression. So here's a little trip back to the 80's and before. I look at this stuff now and none of it makes sense, but it made sense when I was 14 I guess.
slogans galore!

Johnny in a Hurricane
I actually drew this picture during a hurricane in the fall of 1988. We were holed up at my grandparents' house and I needed to do something for my art homework at school. The hurricane didn't do too much damage. I think it made landfall somewhere near New Orleans.

Another funny bit for art class. We had to do pretty mundane homework assignments, but I always found ways to make it fun. I think my teacher got sick of seeing Number Five doing different stuff.
a nice warm bath

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