Specific Plastic Gears?

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Specific Plastic Gears?

Postby Cosmotcat » Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:25 am

Hi all. A robotics newbie here... well, that is to say, I've designed a thousand things in CAD (Form Z), but have yet to actually create anything in the... uh... "real world".

One question, and forgive me if this has been covered a thousand times before:

Is there no place to acquire specific, only-required-for-this-project, plastic (Delrin, Acetal, etc.) gears? I see A LOT of "bags of gears" which contain a quantity of widely-varying sizes, types, bores, etc., but is that what you all do - you buy a bag of surplus and hope something in the pile will fit your project?

Or do you get the parts first, then create around/with what you have?

It's a bit frustrating.

I found "Gizmoszone" and I love their available (hopefully) parts line, especially with all of the great-information-listed gears and motors, etc. ... but have any of YOU ever ordered from them?

Thanks in advance.


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