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Re: Here's what I'd do

Postby GinnieFive » Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:24 am

Julian Wilbury wrote:I never did reply to this!

I loved this. While yes, the fact that everyone's lives were pretty much trashed bummed me out, I understand it would be hard to start a story with everything peachy keen.

I think I at least made the whole beginning comedic enough to not be downright depressing. I actually kind of imagined some sort of goofy Danny Elfman-type music for the opening, up until the moment where Johnny says, "OK" to getting lost.

The mental image of Bennie playing the bagpipes in the park with J5 trying to reach out was so compelling that I ended up doing some similar "reaching out" sketches that never made the light of day.

Maybe I should make a drawing... or even a storyboard.

And heheh, Solsbury Hill is my first and favourite Peter Gabriel song, so I wouldn't mind, but of course while I know it's missing the joke I would want Jeff Lynne. :D ("Lift Me Up" from Armchair Theatre? Oh, Ginnie is probably the only one who knows what I'm talking about; that album's so obscure. That, and I should stop before I get too geeky.)

"Lift me up. Finish what you started.
Take me on a ride.
Lift me up, from the broken-hearted
Rivers deep and wide..."

Yep, I know that one.

I'm a fan of "Mr. Blue Sky" myself. I've wanted to use that in a movie since about 1987. I even wrote a little robot story kinda based on it.

Now it seems you hear it all over the place. Eveyone eventually steals all my best ideas!



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