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node.js + johnny-five + raspberry pi 3

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:14 pm
by tjmulz
Hi All, I've connected a servo to adafruit's 16-channel servo driver (PCA9685) on pin 0. All voltages are at the correct level. However, when I run my code, ( which just calls a servo.sweep(), my servo jitters a little bit, makes a high-pitch noise, then stops. I can see that it semi-sweeps: it rotates back and forth, but there's jitter and very little/slow movement. Any thoughts? :mrgreen:

-Raspberry Pi 3
-Pi Cobbler (to breakout pi's gpio pins to breadboard)
-Hitec HS-485HB
-node v6.9.1
-johnny-five v0.10.3

I've seen two ways of interacting with PCA0685, I'm using a combo of both: